Pfingstbotschaft aus Südafrika 2017 - unsere Partnergemeinde Bellville wünscht ein gesegnetes Pfingstfest

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

It is a great honour to, again, greet you all very warmly, with all the members of your congregation, at the solemn occasion of Pentecost, and we trust that it will be a truly wonderful, richly blessed and spirit-filled celebration for all of you.

The overall theme for our Pentecostal Meditations or Pentecost Prayer Meetings in the Moravian Church in South Africa was ‘Different but Together’, according to the text from Acts chapter 2 verse 1.

I have found this to be so appropriate also with regard to our partner relationship  - yes, we are different in terms of various things, but also very together as we all serve the same God.

Our Bishops had further provided sub-themes, under this overall theme, for us to mediate upon for the 10 days of Pentecost Prayer Meetings, which started in the evening of Ascension Day and which ended earlier tonight.

The sub-theme which stood out for me was the sub-theme on Day 5 (Monday, 29th of May), namely ‘The Holy Spirit and its Proclamation’.  It was coincidental that this prayer meeting was held at my house, as part of such meetings also being held away from the church building but in the wards of our congregation, in the houses of members, and I had the pleasure of leading this meeting.

With the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the disciples on that first Pentecost, Jesus had kept His word that His disciples will receive the needed ‘equipment’ to proclaim the Gospel Message, and He had said to them that the ‘the Holy Spirit will teach you,… … will remind you of everything that I have said to you’.

But what does this mean for us? Why did the disciples receive this ‘equipment’?  =  namely, to do what the Lord has asked them to do, namely to build the church from every nation under the heaven , and to prophecy.

May we all be so inspired again on this Pentecost celebration, that we will go forth and prophecy this lovely message.

Please join me/us as we pray:

Gracious God, you have provided us with all things in the Holy Spirit necessary for the saving of men everywhere.

May we dedicate our time and our energy so that all people everywhere might hear and believe the Gospel.


We greet you all very kindly and very warmly, with kind wishes that you will experience a very blessed Pentecost.

This message is written and comes to you on behalf of our Minister – the Reverend Judith Hansen -, the church council members, and all the members of our congregation.

With kind regards, and all the best.

By:          ‘Jackie’ A L van der Heyden.