Ostergrüße aus unserer Partnergemeinde in Belleville, Südafrika

Our dear Sisters and Brothers:

It is a great pleasure for us at the Bellville congregation – your partners – to greet you very warmly and to send fond regards on this very auspicious occasion of Easter Sunday 2018.

May this day be wonderful and may it be richly blessed for you, and may it continue to be unforgettable, as we remember and commemorate the glorious resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, after He had suffered so severely and had shed His blood for us, and died, to atone for and as forgiveness for our sins.

And in view of the outpouring of the Blood of Jesus on that Good Friday, and what it means, we also greet you with and offer to you the words of a song (= The Blood of Jesus) by that well-known singing group from America – The Collingsworth Family -, as follows (and I have used poetic licence to slightly change some of the wording):

The Blood of Jesus, the Blood of Jesus, the Blood of Jesus,
can cleanse your deepest sin.

You may think that you have gone too far,
You may think that there is no power that can wash away your sin.

But there is hope for you, my friend,
because Jesus died and rose again, so that you could know the joy of sins forgiven.

You may have some hidden sin that you have tried to cover deep within,
and everybody thinks that your life is in control.

You can run but you cannot hide, because God sees everything inside,
but forgiveness awaits at the foot of the Cross of Calvary.

It will never lose its power, Oh, it will never lose its power.
The Blood of Jesus that cleanses all your sin, will never lose its power.
It will never lose its power.

Kind regards, and all the best.

By: ‘Jackie’ A L van der Heyden – Partnership Correspondent
on behalf of our Minister – Reverend Judith Hansen -, the Chairperson & Members of the Church Council, the members of all the associations in our congregation, and all the rest of the members of the Bellville congregation of the Moravian Church in South Africa.